A Cry to Buy, "The Models are Open"!

Monday, September 09, 2019 by Stephanie Canfield





Gilroy, California is building 2500+ new homes — that's like adding another city.  Having moved into one of these new homes early on, I've had a front-row seat for the ongoing festivities. My neighbors and I have watched in awe as truck load after truck load of dirt has been moved, pipes in all sizes have been laid, and bulldozers, giant cranes, and enough building material to warrant changing our town motto from, "Garlic Capital of the World" to, "Lumber Capital of the World" has shuttled into town. But now, finally, finally, after building traffic circle after traffic circle (wait for it)  — the models are open!

I'm going to say that again. The MODEL's are OPEN! "Sorry Johnny, daddy's taking you to karate on Saturday because mommy is going to the models!" Cue happy dance.  Seriously, the only people who can be more excited at this point are those lucky enough to get to buy one of these beautiful new homes! The only people who could be more excited than them are the ones with unlimited cash to spend on the upgrades! (...I hear they exist).



What does this have to do with Marketshare's sign services? If you are in the business of building, marketing or selling new homes and new home communities, this state of readiness and excitement mentioned above must be captured and directed to, you guessed it, your models (which happen to be attached to your sales center, which is where the magic happens).  


Easy right? Help potential home buyers find your new community.  You know the drill, just enlist the help of an ad agency ($$$) to do some snappy sign designs, a printer to print them, and a contractor to build the sign structures. Oh, and you'll need some giant balloons (where do you get those??) and someone with a digger truck to place the larger signs. Exhausted yet? Then there is the city. There are, apparently, very specific requirements for placing signs in each city, and, those requirements may change on the weekend. I'm exhausted for you! If only there was a one-stop-shop who could take care of everything... especially on the weekend. Of course, that's us, Marketshare will do it ALL for you.

With Marketshare sign services you can relax and enjoy selling your new homes— just watch out for the stampede of women (and men) who've been waiting for the models to open! I'll be the first one in the door.


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